Thank you for thinking of Yamzu!  We love working with game developers because we love games, so we are always excited when a new developer wants to use our platform. We designed Yamzu with growth and development in mind, so that the platform could expand as the demand expands. If you are looking for an esport website to run co-op games or tournaments, we know that we are the right choice. Here’s what we can offer game developers:

  • Free integration – We never ask for development money in advance. It is completely free to integrate your game in our platform.
  • Affiliate programs – Our affiliate programs are designed to help popularize not just Yamzu, but the games supported by our platform. Once your game is fully integrated into the platform, affiliates will begin arranging games and encouraging their friends and followers to play it. Word of mouth is still the best marketing for games and Yamzu’s affiliate program gives your game a voice.
  • Automated game tracking – Other esport websites require the players to submit screen shots in order to track the games and results are updated manually. Yamzu’s platform tracks the games automatically, so that results are always accurate, unbiased, and fair.
  • Easy to work with – Not only is Yamzu easy to work with, we’re easy to work with! We love integrating new games into our platform, as it gives both us and the game the developers the chance to bring players a great new game to play.

If you want to use our esport platform, please feel free to contact us today using any of the following contact information. We look forward to hearing from you!

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