Frequently Asked Questions

Yamzu is a unique game and tournament platform specifically for gamers. This platform allows you to play a game or to set up your own esport tournament and win real money when you win a tournaments! Of course, you can also play for free if you don't play for cash prizes. is completely secured. The platform uses security measures that are compatible with the industry standard, including an SSL certificate.

Yamzu provides a community for gamers to play games or set up their own tournaments, whether you want to play on a team or individually. Yamzu acts as an impartial third party that allows you to play a game or set up tournaments and win money safely. Challenges are made, both parties accept, and then the match commences! The results of every match is decided by our system and Yamzu awards the winner or winners their prize money.

While you do have to pay if you want to win a cash prize game or tournament, you do not have to pay to use Yamzu to arrange and/or play free games or tournaments.

Yamzu is completely legal. Unlike gambling and games of chance, where cash prizes are awarded to random players, Yamzu’s tournament and game prizes are awarded to the player or players with the most skill. Similar to any sport that requires a tournament entrance fee and awards prizes to the player or players with the most skill, Yamzu allows gamers to be paid for their skills.

Yamzu has no age restrictions. Players under the age of 18 are welcome to register and play with their parent or guardians’ permission, and can even win cash prizes from special free-to-play tournaments, but cannot deposit their own money.

To make a new password, just click the “Forgot Password” link on the log-in page. This will send a link to your registered email that will allow you to reset the password.

Besides the prizes awarded to game and tournament winners, there are also cash prizes for the following achievements:
  • Rookie of the Month
  • Most Wins in a Month
  • Longest Winning Streak this Month
  • Most Games Played This Month
  • Most Friends Invited to Play This Month
The criteria for these prizes come from both free and paid games and tournaments in a month.

Go to Yamzu’s homepage and click on the “Sign Up” in the top right-hand corner of the page. You will be asked to provide personal information like your email address in order to make an account.

In order to play a game, follow these steps:
  • If you want to play a game, you either have to create your own or join one that someone else has created. If you decide to create your own game, you will have to wait until someone accepts the challenge or you can invite your friends by publishing your game on social media.
  • Once you have enough players joining your game or tournament will be given a timer, allowing everyone to actually get into the game. How long they will have to join the game will depend on when the game was created. If it was within the last hour, you will be given 2 minutes. If the game was created yesterday, you will get 60 minutes for all players to join.
  • Longest Winning Streak this Month
  • All participants get a message containing the name of the game and the password they need to get into the game.
  • All participants then log into League of Legends and enter the Custom Games window. Find the right game and join it.
  • Play!
  • Once the match is over, the results will be collected by Yamzu. If the game was for a cash prize, the website will verify the winner and award the cash.
Tips: If you are playing or creating a game for cash, make sure your account has enough funds before you start playing.

A game is just a single game, prizes are awarded to the team who wins that single game. These can be one on one or team vs team. A match includes several games and the prizes go to the team or individual who has the best out of three or five A tournament includes several games or matches and only winning teams or individuals advance and continue playing.
 Free Game / matchCash Game / matchFree TournamentCash Tournament
Time to start60 minUp to 7 daysUp to 7 daysUp to 30 days
(90 days Affiliate)
Max createdUnlimitedUnlimited2 per month
(unlimited for Affiliate)

The tournament with 16 teams is played in one day, with 30 min breaks after every game one both are teams click ready. And a 60 minutes break before the final. If you don’t join once the break is over you will automatically for fit.

Sign up is free for all players. Gamers can play for money, but sign up is free.

Yamzu only charges you to play if you are playing a game for a cash prize. Winners of games or matches get 90% of all entrance fees, while tournament winners get 85% of total registration fees.

Anyone can use Yamzu to arrange and play free games and matches, regardless of your experience level. However, if you want to play games for cash prizes, you must be eighteen years or older or have permission from your parent or guardian.

Yamzu currently supports League of Legends and Counter-Strike GO coming in June, 2015.

Each person is allowed to have only one account. Having more than one account can lead to having all accounts suspended or closed without warning.

Look for upcoming events under the PLAY menu.

Absolutely! All you have to do is create your own game or tournament and then use email or social media to invite the friends you want to play with. They will have to make Yamzu accounts, but that is easy and free!

Yamzu verifies the game’s winner or winners instantly, using our software. This ensures the winners are awarded to the correct team or individual, so the process is completely fair.

Once the game is over and the winner/winners is verified, Yamzu will automatically award the winnings to the winning team or person.

If you think that the other team might have cheated or have a concern about the outcome, you can file a dispute by filling out form on the Support page. Every claim is carefully investigated and examined. If someone has cheated or has filed an unsupported dispute, we reserve the right to punish the user or users as we see fit, including terminating his or her account. These decisions are final. If you want your case reviewed, you will have to provide evidence that proves your case. Please be honest and fair. We want Yamzu to be a friendly place, so falsely accusing someone of wrongdoing is taken as seriously as actually cheating. We recommend every player take a screenshot of their results.

Before starting the game or match, make sure you have a strong internet connection. If you lose your connection, you will have a few minutes to get back into the game, as specified in the game rules. If you do not, it will result in a loss.

If you look under the PLAY area, you will see all events that are currently open. The event will tell you whether it is for free or for cash. If you join one of these games, the registration fee will be taken from your Yamzu wallet automatically

Game and match winners get 90% of all players’ registration fees. In tournaments, the top players share an 85% cut of all registration fees for all players who have been a part of that tournament. If the prize is won by a team, all players get an equal cut of the winnings.

Once your personal information has been added to your account, you can deposit money with your BTC or ETH wallet.

You can withdraw your winnings at any time to your BTC or ETH wallet.

You either have to be over the age of 18 or have a parent or guardian’s permission.

Log into your account and edit your details there.

Any other gamer who has a Yamzu account can view your public profile, your game history, and your stats. They cannot view your personal account or any private information there.

Yamzu affiliates are rewarded for setting up games or tournament and inviting their friends or social media followers to play. You get a special link specifically for your own page, which, when used by individuals to sing up for Yamzu, you receive a cut of any fees they pay to Yamzu.

Once you have made an account, you can apply to become an affiliate.

When you start, you are limited to tournaments of 16 to 32 teams. The more popular your tournaments are, the larger tournaments you will be allowed to arrange. Even if you have just started, if you have arranged a tournament with hundreds of teams, we will be happy to help you host it.

There are no limits—you make 2% of the registration fees for games and tournaments users that have signed up by clicking your link pay, even if the game or tournament is arranged by someone else.

You can arrange cash or free events—whatever suits you.

Our best affiliates will win cash and other prizes.