Privacy Policy

1. Collection of Information

We collect and store certain User information required for registration as well as for providing our Services to you. The information collected by us includes information pertaining to your name, age, gender, and certain other information including your contact details.

Information is usually collected at the time of your registration. We collect and safely store all information you have entered at the time of registration. This includes all information provided by you during the course of your interaction with us. Along with this we also collect and store information present in any of the correspondences that you may have sent us as well as any information you have entered while undertaking any of our surveys.

Our servers are programmed to collect certain information when you visit the Website or use any of our Services. However the Servers shall not collect any information that is personally identifiable to a particular User. Information collected by us shall include certain Website traffic data, your device information, IP address, URLs requested and information pertaining to your hardware and operating system. The servers may also monitor and record the frequency of your visits as well as your browsing patterns.

We may also collect and store certain of your payment information. This information is collected and stored in a safe manner and shall be accessed only at the time you make a payment. Collecting and storing this information helps Users make transactions on the Website with ease.

The Website also employs the use of Cookies in collecting certain functional information from Users. Cookies are small data pieces sent by our servers and stored on your browser. Cookies help us in collecting certain information relating to your browsing patterns, browsing history, preferences and previous references. Cookies also help with auto filling online forms. Our cookies are designed to collect only device specific information and not any personally identifiable information.

You may at any time choose to disable or delete any cookies employed by us by accessing your browser settings. However, disabling or deleting any of the cookies may result in the reduced functioning of the Website and we shall not be responsible for any such reduced performance or disruption of Services.

The Website may also employ the use of third party software to analyze the manner of in which the games are played on the website and other user interactions to improve user experience.

2. Use of Information

All of the information collected and stored by us shall be used only for the purposes of providing Users with our Services. Any information that is considered as personally identifiable shall be disclosed only after seeking your consent. In providing our Services to you we may need to disclose certain information including certain personally identifiable information to some of our employees, directors, agents, service providers, subcontractors and representatives. All such disclosures shall be made only on a ‘need to basis’ and such employee, director, agent, subcontractor, service provider or representative shall be informed of the need for confidentiality.

All disclosures made by the Website shall be made with the User’s consent or in accordance with the provisions set forth herein. Information collected from Users goes a long way in helping us improve upon the Website and its Services. Information relating to your performance on the Website may also be made available on such sites affiliated with the Website as well as on the Website’s leaderboards.

3. Disclosure Information

Under no circumstances do we sell, divulge or trade any information belonging to Users. We shall disclose your personally identifiable information only for the purposes set forth herein. Disclosure of personally identifiable information shall be made only once the respective User’s consent has been obtained. However, this does not include any disclosures made to any of our employees, directors, agents, service providers, subcontractors or representatives as it is essential in providing you with our Services.

You hereby accept and agree that we shall have no duty or obligation of confidentiality over any information that you may have made public on your own accord this includes any communications sent to other Users, any information posted in any public forum on the Website and any information transmitted using the messaging features of the Website.

We may also disclose certain User information in the event that we sell or buy any other business or in the event that the Website is acquired by a third party. In such cases User information including personal identifiable information shall be disclosed to such third party buying the Website or whom the Website is acquiring.

We shall also be obligated to disclose any and all information required by any governmental, judicial or quasi judicial body as well as any information required to be disclosed in compliance with any laws in force.

By accessing the Website and participating in any games or tournaments you hereby allow us to post certain information including your name, age, photo and region on any of our affiliate Websites. You further allow us to post information regarding all of your in-game achievements on such affiliate sites.

4. Communication

By accessing the Website and availing the Services present therein, you are agreeing and accepting to receive frequent communication from us. This shall include any new promos or offers, any changes in the Services, our newsletters and other communication sent by us as well as from certain other Users. You may choose to unsubscribe from such mailing by contacting our support team.

5. Access and Managing Information

You may at any time request us to stop all further collection, storage and processing of any of your information. However, this may affect the functionality of the Website as well as that of the Services. Should we stop processing your information, certain features of the Website shall henceforth be unavailable to you and the Website does not make any warranty or representation as to the merchantability or fitness of the Services available to you.

You may access, remove or change any and all information provided by you so as to keep the information accurate and up to date. We may levy a charge for accessing, removing or changing any of your information. However, we reserve the right to refuse any access, removal or change of the information stored if we are of the opinion that any such access, removal or changes may affect the security of any other information stored in the servers, or it affects the security of the Website or if the cost of such access, removal or change outweighs the need to access, remove or change any information stored.

6. Storage of Information

All of the User information collected by the Website is stored on its servers located within the territory of Isle of Man. All such information is stored in compliance with all applicable data protection and privacy laws of The Isle of Man.

7. Information Security

All User information collected by us is stored in a safe and secure manner. We use industrial standard security methods in protecting User information. You shall be solely responsible for the security of your account. Users are advised to use strong passwords and to refrain from disclosing any account information or information pertaining to other Users to any third party.

You are further requested to exercise appropriate caution while following any links present on the Website. All links present on the Website are controlled and owned by third parties and may have its own Privacy Policy. Users should ensure the safety of the link before following it. The Website shall not be responsible for any loss or damages incurred while following any links present on the Website.

Although we try our best in protecting all User information collected and stored by us, it is important that Users understand that no security measure is completely foolproof and we cannot guarantee the absolute safety and security of any information collected and stored.

8. Amendments

We may, at any time and without any prior notice, modify, change or remove the whole or any part of the Website and this Policy. We shall be under no obligation to inform Users of such changes. Users shall be responsible to keep themselves updated with any changes made by the Website.

Changes made to the Policy shall be implemented only after 5 (five) days from posting it on the Website thereby granting Users sufficient time to familiarise themselves with the revised policy.

Your continued use of the Website or any of its Services after any changes made to it indicates your acceptance of the revised Policy. The revised Policy shall supersede the provision of the earlier version in case of any disputes.

9. Grievances

Should you have any queries or grievances with regard to this Policy or with any part of the Website you are requested to contact our support team at