Thank you for your interest in Yamzu!  If you are looking to hold a game tournament or event, we are the perfect platform to choose. Here’s what Yamzu can offer organizations and companies that want to sponsor an event:

  • Hassle-free arrangements – We provide the platform, so all you have to do is arrange the tournament. There’s no renting of stadiums or event spaces—it’s all on our website.
  • Cheaper, more frequent events – You don’t have to spend a lot of time or money to arrange an event. Because using Yamzu costs you only a tiny fraction of what it costs to rent out spaces and arrange tournaments you can spend less and still achieve the same goals. You can also plan more frequent events, for even more hype.
  • Great for small and large companies alike – Small gaming companies that want to get their name or products out there can afford to use our platform, while large companies can still arrange the big events, while saving money.
  • You only pay if you get results – It’s free to register and arrange a tournament. If the tournament doesn’t fill up, arranging that tournament doesn’t cost a cent.

If you are looking for a great way to build your brand, arranging an event our tournament through Yamzu is great. We charge the sponsors nothing—all of our fees come out of entrance fees, paid by the players for a paid tournament. This is our standard administration fee and will not be a surprise to your players. If you want to hold a free tournament, in which no cash prizes are awarded, the event will be completely free! Sponsors can also hold free tournaments, in which cash prizes are awarded—all be charge the sponsor is the standard administration fee.

Game tournaments and events are a great way to build your brand or connect with your customers. Yamzu is the perfect platform to use. Just sign up with your brand name to start arranging your tournament or contact us for more information.

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