Meet the Yamzu team

Asiad MajeedAsiad The GreatKnown as the humblest man in gaming. His humility knows no bounds. The Great One, as He refers to himself, is our self-proclaimed all-knowing muse.

MarcusMarcus, Office BruteOur inhouse Sergeant-at-Arms responsible for general order and smooth operations. Brings a no non-sense approach to getting s#&t done.

JovanJovan, PersuadorKing in the land of the lounge lizards. Always has a quick one-liner ready to close the deal.

M, 007M, 007What M does not know about gaming, need not be known. He’s our inside man.

FloorFloor, CGSDOur CGSD Chief of Getting Stuff Done, a plan, an email. Getting a headshot in an RPG or finding a healer in CS, whatever it is Floor will get it done. And she spreads joy, that is right we like being happy.

SamSam, The EntertainerWelcome to Sams world. Check out the Sam-show and get involved in the shenanigans!